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COOPERATIONS is a hiking blog launched in June 2022 by

Christian Sommer alias HikingFex.

First of all, my heart project would be the worldwide long-distance hike why

this page was created in the first place. Without my great passion for hiking, this site would not exist.

Last but not least, there is my incredible family, who support me mentally and physically at all times. This is how we form a perfect team.

HikingFex is a multifaceted blog covering hiking, safety, training, recipes, conservation and product recommendations.


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Further information

Basically, I always choose my cooperation partners carefully.

I put a lot of time into the maintenance, design and search engine optimization of this blog and I am happy about your fair offer.

All blog posts are optimized for Google (keyword analysis with Adwords and other tools). Furthermore, each post gets a custom-made Pinterest and Facebook image. I always strive for a top ranking for the search results in Google and Pinterest so that we are always among the top 3. I would be happy to email you examples.

You are welcome to come per e-mail  towards me!

Basically the following applies to me:

  • Blog posts start at €500.00.

  • Blog posts are marked as "ad".

  • Links are marked with nofollow.

  • Blog posts including backlinks are guaranteed to remain in place for at least 12 months.


Auf Bloggerei you can read the current figures.


You want to work with You have 3 options for cooperation:


Send us your product so we can test it and then write a blog post about it.

Your product should be thematically congruent with HikingFex and address the areas of hiking, long-distance hiking, travel, trekking, hiking training, hiking equipment or mountaineering. I test whether your product is solid and then report honestly and in detail on our blog using several of my own pictures. The post will be marked as an "Advertisement". All links are set to nofollow.

The product presentation is shared on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook with the hashtag #Ad in the title.


You are welcome to send us your product as part of a competition.

In our blog post we describe your product and then go into more detail about the competition.

The exact key data of the raffle, such as the time of publication, duration, conditions of participation, etc. are jointly determined in advance.


There are currently 3 different advertising spaces for rent on

1.) at the top of each article after the introduction
(about 3,000 impressions per month per banner)
Two advertising banners measuring 300×250 pixels or 250×250 pixels. Particularly effective as it is directly after the introduction in the article text.
Each banner is displayed for 50% of the visitors (that is, alternately).
Advertising space status: Only 2 banners FREE
Advertising space for  200 euros plus 19% VAT / month

2.) in the right sidebar
(about 34,000 impressions per month)
A 300×250 pixel ad banner
Advertising space status: FREE
Advertising space for EUR 150 plus 19% VAT / month

3.) on the start page in the first article
A 690×100 pixel banner ad on the home page that always gets noticed.
Advertising space status: FREE
Advertising space for EUR 100 plus 19% VAT / month


A proper invoice will be sent to you by post or, if you wish, as a PDF by email.
The invoice amounts are due in advance.

All advertising placements are not automatically extended by another month. Two weeks before the end of the booked period, you will receive a notification with the possibility of an extension.

We reserve the right to refuse any booking request without giving a reason.

All ad banners are marked with the nofollow attribute so that Google knows that the ad is paid for.

The maximum booking period is one year.

After the end of the booking period, you can make the booking at the old price. This price guarantee is valid for 3 months. If you want to make use of a longer booking period, the new prices apply.


  • link exchange

  • Pharma

  • Advertising that is not marked as such.

  • Products not related to


Write us now an e-mail!


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